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Vital Features That Every Business Needs To Include On Their Website

If you have recently become the owner of an online based business, you should be aware that there are several extremely vital features that a company should always include on their official website. These features are vital precisely because they will enable you to do business in a whole new manner that takes into accountContinue Reading

Social Media on the Go: Make a YouTube Vlog from Your Smartphone

There are so many cool videos out there on the web. You want to be the host behind at least one of them. Well, you need to start a vlog then. A vlog is a video weblog AKA a video blog. As with anything else you do on the web, the most important thing toContinue Reading

Web Design Don’ts for 2015

Web design trends are always shifting, with new techniques and tools being rolled out non stop. Keeping up to date can be a nuisance, especially if you are busy building better and better interfaces for your customers. Things that were acceptable a week ago can turn into a major “no-no” while you’re not looking. HereContinue Reading

Tips To Developing Android Apps

With so many mobile users out there who are always looking for the newest and best apps, you can reach a lot of people if you create a user-friendly app that becomes popular. By choosing to develop an Android app, you are already at an advantage since the audience is larger than the iOS community,Continue Reading

Gorgeous Examples of Mobile Design Inspiration

In the last few years the mobile app market has expanded at an incredible pace to the point where we’re now seeing a launch of apps with new and amazing designs almost every day. These superb styles all use the limited space the smartphone screens give them efficiently whilst still retaining a beautiful and uniqueContinue Reading

Review of Casino Site Web Design

Review of Casino Site Web Design

A casino site tends to follow the same kind of layouts and styles as any ordinary webpage albeit with a stronger focus on encouraging people to sign up. If you’ve never experienced a casino site then the first thing you’ll notice is that each website has their own unique approach to style and design. ThisContinue Reading

Benefits you can get from Web Design Sydney

Attracting traffic to your website is only half of the battle. Visitors must then be encouraged to remain on the site. The more enticing the content and appealing your website design is, the greater chance you have of converting them into clients. There are a few steps to take to ensure you are increasing conversionsContinue Reading

Less is More: Modern Web Design for All Devices

You’ve heard that less is more, right? Well, that philosophy also applies to web design. Why do so many companies become obsessed with complex web design schemes? Because they believe that they need to show everything to everyone. They believe their complicated designs will offer “a little bit of something for everyone.” The reality isContinue Reading

20 Best jQuery Plugins From November 2014

20 Best jQuery Plugins From November 2014

jQuery Plugins are really useful for web designers. A jQuery Plugin helps designers to add dynamic effects, galleries, forms to their websites without writing much coding. In this article I collected some of the best jQuery Plugins from the month of November 2014. Do share this article with your friends to help us spread theContinue Reading