12 Examples of Great Website Re-Design

Website redesigning is a popular trend today. As the importance of the internet keeps increasing, more and more companies are paying attention to their online entity and therefore putting in their best efforts in order to ensure that their website is absolutely breathtaking apart from being effective and in sync with time.

This means that there are thousands of websites entering this galaxy every single day. What happens to the old websites then? Well, the same thing that happens to every old thing. It gets pushed to the behind.

Now, of course that’s not what you want for your own site, do you? You want it to be sought after, popular and loved. For that to happen you will have to give your website a new life. There are many advantages of undergoing a website redesign. They can be summed up as:

Staying abreast with technology

Generally, websites are made with whatever available technology was present at the time of creation. However, technology evolves at the speed of a forest fire and this is why it ages soon. Web site redesign ensures that you stay abreast with the latest technologies and give the same to your customers.

I mean, why would anyone buy a Flintstone from you in the age of lighters? Incorporate the best of technologies to ensure that your audiences have something to look forward to from your site.

Makes your site more Search engine friendly

If you have been on the internet, you know the importance of Search engine optimization. It determines whether your website will be seen by people or not. I mean, you can have a fantastic little website but if it has the cobwebs on them, chances are that the search engine really won’t appreciate (or even acknowledge your presence) any more. Website redesign ensures to put your site back on the map so that people can actually reach out to you.

More Visitors; Better Sales

There is barely any doubt about the fact that the higher the visibility of the site, the better is going to be the sales. The whole objective of creating a site is to ensure that you can tap the potential of the vast sea of the user community who can see your products and services and reach out to you when necessary.

When you revamp your site, you actually give your visitor an opportunity to be able to see your company or brand in a new light. In fact it is your chance to be able to reform the impression that you have built already in this world.


Illustrations are the best way to understand the true effects of a website redesign. Following is a list of some the striking changes that website redesign can do to a website. Here are some inspiring facelifts.



2. www.Pallasgroup.ca


3. Abarisconsulting.com






6. Acclaimmailer.com





9. Peachypink


10. GBTi Solutionsclip_image019


11.SkinSpirit Day Spa




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