5 Best Photoshop Plug-ins for Web Design

Many web designers begin their project with Photoshop, which is very interesting for the first stage of production (the web design), but not so placid when converting to HTML and CSS during the later stages of the project. No wonder, that the services of PSD to HTML conversion still face numerous problems. Currently there are a lot of developers who have created an avalanche of plugins to make it easier to convert PSD to HTML. Here is a short list of plugins that may interest you if you are a regular in the HTML layout.

1. Quick Grids with GuideGuide

From the outside, chances are you want to organize a grid of columns and – probably – rows to help organize the content very well. This can be achieved with relative ease by using functionality guides Photoshop. However, the plugin GuideGuide has an even easier approach. You create the basic values and the plugin creates the necessary guidelines for you.

All you need to specify is the number of columns and their width or margins. The guides can also be put in which is supposed to be the end of the grid. You can save and retrieve grid structures for future use.

2. Easily Export Cut & Slice me

Export the image of a finished design means a lot of manual labor. Photoshop does not, of course, offer’s its own Slice tool, which can export images prefilled segments as individual files. But do not worry about the different states of the same image, for example, when using a hover menu.

Exports the layer-based plugin and based on the special suffixes, as _btn, which would benefit from the tool buttons in different states. Additional Suffixes normal hover, clicked, etc. define the different states and are exported as separate images. Cut & Slice Me is only available for the latest version of Photoshop CS6.

3. Create Favicons with Plugins by Telegraphics and SibCode

The Favicons are required. Look around and you will see that all sites use it. The Favicons are stored in ICO format and, of course, until now there is no plugins to help create while SibCode ICO plugin allows storage of more than one icon in a file, the plugin Telegraphics no. has the advantage that it is available for 64-bit Photoshop while SibCode is not.

4. Power Presentations: Try and embed

This plugin provides access to fonts not installed on your computer in order to test them in the design without having to install and fill our countless Fonts folder files that increasingly heavy burden of this folder.

First I recommend using the plugin WebINK for the reason that in addition to access your library of sources, allows the integration of Google fonts in your design workflow. Programs also Fontshop is highly recommended because it allows you to buy directly the sources if you choose to keep it in the final version of its design.

5. Small PNG with SuperPNG

GIF beats PNG has a variety of ways of working. All colors PNG with alpha transparency. On the negative side we must recognize that PNG is much higher in the weight of the file. SuperPNG addresses this problem and reduces the size of the PNG without the opportunity to see the difference.

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