5 Tips for Strong Landing Pages

Landing pages are the display windows of your online business or web presence. Just like retail shops feature their latest, most attractive, and most desirable products in their windows, you should take just as much care in developing a landing page that is engaging, aesthetically pleasing, but also defined by your business objectives. Custom landing page designis essential for any businesses which take their online reputation seriously, something almost all modern businesses should be doing for long-term success.

Landing page design doesn’t just begin and end with your website either, it is also a key ingredient in an effective social media presence. For example, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, blogs, and more can all be designed to better attract new fans and followers. Just recently, Facebook has pushed everyone with a Facebook account into using the new Timeline layout. Timeline custom designcan now be completely re-hauled and professionally designed to better represent your company and help you follow through with social media marketing and growing your brand.

Here are 5 tips for designing any type of landing page.

Start with a Plan

The first step to a successful landing page is to have a goal for the page. Do you want customers to learn all about your business? Do you want them to be impressed with your services? Or do you want to get them excited/curious with something clever and creative like a cryptic message, photo, or video? This goal will be based on your company’s mission, your audience, and your brand.

Keep it Simple

It’s tempting to want to list out everything your company does, has done, has won, has accomplished, has learned… and the list goes on and on, on your landing page. However, it is better to keep things simple. Imagine going on a blind date with someone who tells you their whole life story without stopping for a breath versus someone who just tells you one interesting story from their past. Who would you be more interested in continuing a conversation with? The same applies for landing pages. Be interesting and inviting, but don’t overdose your web visitors with information. Avoiding pop-ups, flash logos, changing colors, and music are also great ways to keep a landing page simple.

Answer the Big Questions

As a business owner or representative, you know the main reason why your customers are seeking you out. Maybe they are looking for the latest fashions, or maybe they need a solution to an IT problem. Whatever their question, answer this up front on your landing page so that customers know they are in the right place to get the help/information they are seeking out.

Focus on Copy

Give special attention to the copy on your landing page. It is important to say as much as possible, in just a few words. Headlines, tag lines, and a call-to-action will all have a place on your landing page. The language used should be in line with your company’s brand. For example, highly profession or technical writing is more important for some companies while a laid-back formula will work better for others.

Bring them Back

Give customers a reason to come back. This can be as simple as having your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or blog information somewhere on your homepage. Newsletter, RSS feeds, or even just your company’s contact information located somewhere on the landing page will let customers now that it will be easy to contact you at any time and this will make them more likely to return.

Loveish Kalsi

Loveish Kalsi is a freelance Web and Graphic Designer from India. He is the owner of famous design blog Creativedesignmagazine.com

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