5 Ways to Improve a Website’s Design

Website design may appear to be simple, but some designers struggle to find the perfect layout. If a person is new to design, he or she may carry little awareness of how to create something that visitors enjoy. What methods must a person use for improving the design of a website?

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1. Use Color Wisely – Some designers choose color combinations that are not fitting. For example, it is not a smart idea to put orange text on a yellow background. A designer may want to check a color chart to determine what is appropriate.

2. Keep It Simple – A website does not need to be complicated in order to appear impressive; this is a mistake that is common in the website design world. A visitor should be able to determine where to click in order to find specific information. If a person cannot figure out where to go, he or she may leave. He or she may also tell friends and family members to avoid the site. This can lead to lost revenue for stores. White space allows a person to navigate with confidence and ease.

3. Consider the Audience – What is the audience of the website? Is the site meant to attract children and their parents? It is essential for a designer to factor in the audience when developing a design. If the website is for a law firm, loud and bright colors may not be appropriate. If the website is for teenagers, certain designs may scare the young people.

4. Check Spelling – Poor spelling damages the reputation of a website. If a visitor is unable to decipher the text, he or she may assume that the business is unprofessional; this is something to avoid. The person in charge of the text must check the spelling and grammar before releasing it. He or she must ensure that nothing is confusing or inappropriate. If the person is unable to do it alone, outside help is suitable.

5. Update The Site – The website must be as accurate as possible; updating the website on a frequent basis is indispensable. A person may assume that a website is dead if it appears outdated.

Website design is crucial for the success of a website. When a designer looks at the information located above, he or she can make smart choices.

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  1. Thank for this guide ! Verry good

  2. Definitely keep it simple, there is nothing worse than visitng a website and it is so busy looking, just puts people right off! And spelling I totally agree with, even if there is 1 little spelling mistake, it could really put people off.

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