7 Apps and Websites to Make You A House Hunting Pro

Getting ready for the home search? While it is an exciting time as you will be looking at homes that offer a range of wonderful features that could be the perfect fit for your lifestyle and preferences, it can also be a time-consuming and stressful task. You have to continually search through property listings, book showings with real estate agents, and perform walkthroughs of neighborhoods to check out the nearby stores and other amenities. These actions can be mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting.

In the end, some may settle on a home that doesn’t quite fit their needs, just because they are tired of searching and want to get the process over with now.

Instead of settling for a less desirable home, here are 7 mobile apps and real estate websites that can help you find the right property. This innovative technology can provide information about new homes that have entered the real estate market, show the home’s estimated price, give details about neighborhood features, and help you find homes that are a better match for your criteria.

1. Zillow

Most people are aware of the Zillow website where you can access home listings and property value estimates, called Zestimates. Well there is also an app available that provides you with all the interactive features available from the regular website that can be accessed on mobile devices. With this you can check out interactive maps as well as property details of other homes in your general location on the go.

2. Doorstep Swipe

Doorstep Swipe takes the guesswork out of selecting the right home. This simple app will show you photos of available homes on the market that fit your criteria. You can swipe the screen left if you don’t like the featured home, or swipe the screen right if you love it to help you narrow down your choices.

3. Realtor.com

When looking for a home, location can mean everything as you want a place located near schools, work or other neighborhood features. The Realtor.com website features a mobile app that allows you to find homes and neighborhoods that will be a match for your lifestyle. The app frequently updates information for improved accuracy. So you can receive alerts about homes where the price may drop and be more aligned to your budget.

4. Homesnap

Ever drive by a home that looks to be the perfect new place to live in, but then later forgot to look it up in the listings? The Homesnap app is perfect for these instances. All you have to do is take a picture of the house on your smartphone or tablet. The app will search through the available listings and public records. Then it will instantly provide you with information about the home’s estimated value, the number of bedrooms/baths, and whether or not it is for sale.

5. Trulia

The Trulia app is like having the regular real estate website in the palm of your hand. You can access many of the same website features on the mobile app with a few new added perks. You can see photo packages that show key aspects of homes, such as updated kitchens, so you can select the features you most desire. Also, the app provides neighborhood “heat maps” that feature neighborhood statistics, schools, and commuter times to certain places.

6. Redfin

The real estate site, Redfin provides an app that lets users access an interactive map or search engine when buying a home. You can browse through current listings as well as recent sales. Another interesting feature is that the app can tell you if a house is under agreement as there is a contract in place yet the closing transaction hasn’t occurred yet, meaning you don’t have to waste time on a home that won’t be available for much longer.

7. Dwellr

While most real estate apps show you home features, Dwellr focuses on providing accurate neighborhood and city details. Run by the United States Census Bureau, you can access population and demographic statistics of an area so you can research the city or neighborhoods you are looking at buying in.

Buying a home shouldn’t be a stressful process. Find the tools and resources you need to help speed up the process. Check out these 7 apps and websites so you can navigate the search with ease.

Loveish Kalsi

Loveish Kalsi is a freelance Web and Graphic Designer from India. He is the owner of famous design blog Creativedesignmagazine.com

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