AskMe, An All in One Android App Review.

We’re quite sure you’re comfortable with several programs that provide business records that are local! Nonetheless these applications prove themselves insufficient in daily life. However, we came across an outstanding program quite lately – ASKME! Unlike other listing apps, ASKME app does offers many great features, and Yes! It proves to be a must have app for every Android Smartphone user in India. For people who haven’t yet comprehended about ASKME, we’ll have a short summary of ASKME to know this Android program will be helpful in your daily life.


ASKME – A Short Summary:

At its base, ASKME isn’t distinct from other applications to show local companies listings. When we check those awesome features of ASKME, it certainly becomes a particular pick. In order to make the comprehension better, it’d be fine to go with an example, we suppose. Frequently, you’ll need to see different areas in your locality. In meeting basic needs, for example you can say food, lodging etc. usually, you’ll get troubled up. If you’re one of such regular travelers, we’re certain you need to check out ASKME. In those kinds of scenarios, ASKME will be a kind of blessing. Listings that are not inaccessible comprise hotels, ATMs, shops, etc, and obviously, the list is fairly tremendous. Now, this application is reachable though iOS users can anticipate this app quite soon, for Android powered Smartphones.


It is quite simple to use ASKME. It’s unnecessary because you can use GPS to find precise place details in seconds, where you are. If you go to the next tab, you’ll find free ads and business deals that are local in the third tablature. And, if you tap a listing that’s revealed, you can get added information of each local company including contact details, evaluation images etc. from other users, exact address, and description. You may also contact the special provider right from the program! Likewise, you may look at deals and advertisements if you desire.

Other Features that are Noticeable

As we mentioned earlier, some aspects make ASKME a program that is exceptional!

  • The Incorporated online shopping store, askmeBazaar, helps you buy array of products using Smartphone.
  • It is possible to share your favourite services and products with your friends.
  • If you’re a company owner, you’ll have the ability to provider credible data about your services or products you can add your listing to the program or declare your business.

Post advertisements using the ‘Post an Ad’ section of ASKME:

  1. Unlike common business listing programs, ASKME will show you amount of added data including accessible methods of payment, evaluations from others, etc.
  2. When compared to other applications, including in same class, resource consumption of ASKME is less.

Its UI makes the ‘searching’ procedure simple, but additionally, it lets almost anyone use this application with ease! And, of course, we had adored its UI.
Nearly every Indian Smartphone user should download and use ASKME, while remembering these features.

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