AskMe Bazaar Presents All New Dealguru

The advent of online shopping portal sites have ushered a brand new revolution in the shopping scenario. You need not make the comfort of your living room, and the merchandise you pick up from these sites in your wish list will be delivered right at your web site, at a minimal cost. Plus, you can get some astonishing discounted deals!! Really, you cannot ask for something better. DealGuru gets you the finest of online shopping deals. And there are several reasons to try your hands on this latest presentation of AskMeBazaar.


DealGuru-The Hottest Kid on the Block

DealGuru brings incredible offers for sellers and buyers who can take advantage of these deals. While the buyer can sell off his out-of-demand surplus products on this website, the sellers can place their hands on the same at a bargain cost. And obviously, there is no compromise on the quality of the products. The product assortment in which this site deals is vast, including latest fashion wear, accessories, cellular telephones, household appliances, electronic goods and a lot more. In this way, this site bridges the gap between the seller and the buyer and establishes an immediate connection between them. And the best thing about DealGuru is that it is attached to the trusted brand name of AskMeBazaar.

DealGuru Works

DealGuru’s aim is to strike lucrative deals between buyers and sellers, so that both of them can reap the gains of these amazing offers. Its way of working is much the same to that of other online shopping portals.

It all begins with AskMeBazaar exploiting the market for prospective sellers around the country. The sellers send samples of their surplus products to AskMeBazaar, whose team gives them a suitable price tag and reviews them. After the seller agrees to this price tag, the deal is put on the website DealGuru for buyers to have a peek at. The pictures and description of the merchandise are created by AskMeBazaar on this site.

. The buyers have a look at the products on DealGuru and place the on-line orders for the ones chosen by them. DealGuru will deliver them the product within a stipulated period of time.
. The sum is remitted to the seller, after deducting a minimal sum in respect of commission and other costs, after the trade is closed from the buyers end.
. In case the buyer puts in a return request, AskMeBazaar handles the process.

The Final Word

With so much to offer at a pocket friendly price, you cannot find a better spot to shop. And for the sellers, DealGuru gives you an astonishing opportunity to dispose your products that are redundant and convert them into hard cash, just by spending a minimal sum as commission. DealGuru on AskMeBazaar is the new means to begin getting the best of goodies in the sellers’ budget for the buyers and making profits out of waste for they.

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