Innovations in Web Design to Keep an Eye on in 2012

Web design needs to be updated every now and then. Technology related to web access is changing every year and so compatibility of web design on various platforms is prime concern of vigilant web design developer. It is more important to make the design compatible, functional and user-friendly than to simply make it flashy. Colors, content and words have taken the front seat and the focus on search engine friendliness has changed the concepts of web designing altogether. Mobile phones with web access are the new platforms to explore. 2012 is expected to be the year of making things more responsive and less time-consuming.

What to Expect in 2012

Increased responsiveness

Consumers are pretty frustrated with the slow response of the web pages. They want complete and sufficient solution to their queries on time with accuracy. This responsiveness of web pages is going to be the main focus of web designers. Drop-down windows and pop-up windows leading to relevant sections are going to be the highlight of web design trends for this year. Tools like jQuery and MooTools are going to be real helpers this year. Focus will be more on shrinking the information to appear it brilliantly on different platforms like smart phones, net books etc.

Use of more Enhanced Developments

HTML 5 and CSS3 will gain more popularity in this year. These tools are meant to increase the visibility of the site along with the increase in quality in the presentation of the content. Shadowed borders, images and enhanced word contours will help provide enhanced look to the web design using these tools.

Flash is here to Stay

In spite of all the focus being shifted to HTML 5 and CSS 3 Flash sites will not lose its charm. The ability of the Flash sites to display 3D animation and responsive videos effectively will keep the Flash in news all through the year. Flash helps in creating interesting web atmosphere like shadowed images. It helps to engage the visitors to the site and interesting look is always liked whatsoever be the era.

Media Friendly Approach and Use of Plug-ins

Access of plug-ins like camera etc is easier with the use of HTML 5. Video demos will be increased to support the do-it-yourself approach. Consumers are enjoying doing things on own instead of depending on professionals to solve tiny issues. Demos will attract the visitors and they will tend to visit more often to such informative sites.

Mobile Based Applications on Big High

Since mobile makers are slogging hard to bring the world on the fingertips of the users literally, web design experts will have to work in sync to fit the bill. Design will be restructured to fit into the mobile spaces. Hence, mobile compatible designs will be a popular concept in 2012. Tablets will be the household name and so designs will be conceived in such a way that they become easily accessible on tablets.

Web developers have understood that look alone will not suffice the customer anymore. Proper look with functional excellence and relevant content will be the call of the clients. Importance of social networking sites will increase manifold and this will be seen as the best platform to get the reviews and attention. Link building on these sites will be a sure shot way to ensure traffic to the web page. Hence, integration with social media will be the hot topic among web design developers. Mixing of style, behavior and functionality in equal proportion while designing the web page will gain popularity in 2012.

Since there is a lot of hype about various technical breakthroughs in the form of iPads, iPods, smart phones and tablets, web design needs to be in sync with these platforms. There seems to be no end to the development and design needs constant working upon to survive the competition. Consumer responsiveness increases the popularity of the web design. There is a lot more support available for web development in the form of content writers, technical experts and search engine optimizers. All these can be employed to make web design a complete experience. Visibility of the web pages and tools to streamline the web design are a hit among the curios and creative minds who want to deliver the best under given circumstances.

Ricky Palermo

This is a guest post by Ricky Palermo full time employee at a graphic design company and occasional guest blogger on web design, SEO, and all things tech. Ricky is currently writing on behalf of StarmenUSA (web design Los Angeles).

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