Latest Google’s Updates – Know The Secrets For Your Web Success

Recently, Google has launched quite a few new services and tools that are helping internet users all around the world. These new services and tools have been in news for quite some time now as they are believed to have revolutionized the internet world. Therefore, here are some important news and facts about the latest tools and features introduced by Google.

1. Google Analytics

google analytics

If you use Google Analytics, you can easily go to your profile and edit the tracking number. Google Analytics is web analytics software by Google that allows users to determine the traffic that is coming to their website and the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. It has some powerful, flexible yet simple features that allow users to analyze and assess their website traffic from a new angle. By using Google Analytics, businesses can be more focused towards their marketing techniques and can develop websites that have more potential to convert visitors into customers.

2. Google Panda Update

google panda update

Google Panda is an algorithm that is used in lesser frequency than the daily indexing of Google. Panda is used to evaluate and assess websites for spam’s, the quality of the content used etc. once done, the conventional Google algorithm makes use of the site ranking by Panda to enhance or reduce the ranking of pages found on those websites. Google Panda is only available on the English version of Google and it is yet to be introduced and implemented in the non-English version of Google. Also, users of Google Panda can also expect Panda 2.2 soon.

3. Rel=Author Tag

Google has also launched two new tags, rel=author and rel=me. These tags allow users to connect with the profile page of an author that has been set up. Some people believe that by using rel=author tag, you can enhance the traffic on some websites. All you need to do is use the <a href= “rel=author”> in order to connect with a member or the author profile page. The author page might be like the ‘about me’ or ‘about us’ kind of page. Some people often question the need of the rel=author tag. The logic is mentioned below.

Google has been looking for new ways to assess the quality of content. One way to assess the quality of content is by determining who wrote the content of the article. Therefore, if the author has written other content as well, you can have an idea about the quality of the future work that the author produces. Google has also been ranking some pages higher based on who shared the links. This means that Google may use the rel=author tag in the same way to rank websites and pages.

However, if the use of rel=author tag becomes official, black hats might make use of this tool in a negative way. They may start writing spam articles and make dummy author profiles.


As is evident, Google has been playing a very crucial role in creating new software, tools and features to enhance the availability of quality content on the internet. It is also making efforts to reduce and discourage spam content and dummy profiles that can affect the users. Therefore, these efforts of Google should be appreciated.

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