Ten Best Facebook Pages For Small Businesses

In a crowded online marketplace, every business needs to be able to both reach customers and ensure they stand out from the competition. Social media sites like Facebook have proven a popular way for brands to interact with customers, although with so many brand profiles on the page, creating a unique presence online is more important than ever. There are a range of techniques you can use to stand out on Facebook, and we will look at some of the best branded Facebook pages that provide an enjoyable yet memorable experience for consumers.

Brasserie Sixty6

best facebook page for small business

This Irish restaurant in Dublin stands out by using apps to display its various offers and menus, allowing for easy navigation for customers. The brand also takes the time to engage with its online audience, replying to queries consistently and posting new content on its wall frequently.

Piggies & Paws

best facebook page for small business

This company creates custom artworks made from children’s handprints and footprints, and is equally creative when it comes to the design of its Facebook page. The brand allows customers to search for a local artist in their area, ideal for children’s parties and showing customers that the brand understands their needs explicitly.


best facebook page for small business

This brand creates online videos and experiences for estate agents and realtors. The company’s Facebook page offers visitors a range of incentives in return for liking the page, aimed at building the brand’s exposure online and gaining new followers. Whether you own a chain of locksmiths or a catnapper couch company, this is a technique you can incorporate into your own Facebook profile.

New Jersey Family Policy Council

best facebook page for small business

Although operating in a relatively small niche (mainly those interested in reading about New Jersey families), this Facebook page offers strong general content in order to engage the reader. There is also, of course, some excellent content geared towards families on the page.

Dog Training Ireland

best facebook page for small business

As the name suggests, this is a page dedicated to dog training specialists in a localised area of Ireland. Guessing that the majority of its visitors have an interest in dogs, the brand posts a large number of dog pictures across its site, particularly highlighting those that are up for adoption and need a good home. Dog Training Ireland also uses Facebook well to handle customer service queries and generate new business.

Arizona Pro DJs

best facebook page for small business

This teen entertainment firm makes sure it captivates its target audience by using loud, bright colours across its Facebook profile. As seen with other brands, the company incentivizes visitors to like the page by offering prizes and rewards in return. Interestingly, the brand also has a strong stance of the policing of spamming, highlighting to consumers that it is the genuine article and wants to only improve the amount of quality content online.


best facebook page for small business

This page is a game hosted on the Facebook network, and encourages visitors to join by asking them to post pictures of themselves and their gardens on its wall, which it will reward with prizes. One of the game’s strengths is that it boasts a 3D gaming engine unique to Facebook, and the brand does well to highlight this to visitors.


best facebook page for small business

This company performs marketing for retail stores, so you would expect it to have a strong presence on Facebook. The page features posts and comments from the brand’s employees, allowing visitors to feel connected to the firm and engaged online. There is also strong integration with external social media networks on the page.

Easy Lunch Boxes

best facebook page for small business

This page supports a company that makes healthy lunches for office workers to take to work, saving them both time and money. One of the core strengths of the brand is the speed with which it replies to individual comments on its page, taking time to interact with those who engage and offer the brand content. The company also tries hard to reach a wider target audience, appealing to mothers as well as white collar workers.

Intrepid Travel

best facebook page for small business

This Australian company creates personalised holiday experiences for customers wanting to travel to exotic locations. The brand changes its core photo each day, highlighting the breadth and variety of locations it offers with its holidays. It also attempts to impart the travelling ethos of meeting people from different walks of life by encouraging visitors to chat to each other on its dedicated online community.

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