The Top 6 Content Management Systems for Website Designers

There are many choices today when it comes to content management systems for web design. Unfortunately, although there are a number of different choices, most of these choices are a bit more complicated than many designers want. They require technical expertise that some designers do not have. There are however a few CMS choices that are the epitome of simple. These systems give you ease of use and flexibility in your design as well as customization options and some of them do not require software downloads.


Virtually everyone in the word has heard of Joomla! This award-winning CMS allows you to create powerful online applications and build websites with ease.

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Unless you live under a rock you have heard of WordPress. This is a popular publishing platform that focuses on ease of use and aesthetics. This is likely the most popular CMS platform in the world and is used by millions every day.

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Concrete5 is another easy to use, open source CMS that is perfect for designers. Key features of this platform include file managers with bulk upload, drag and drop layout editors and many others.

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Cushy CMS

Cushy CMS is one of the easiest CMS platforms on the market. It requires no software download or installation and no programming.

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Expression Engine

Expression Engine is very flexible and allows you to easily and quickly create a stunning and professional looking site.

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Drupal is a free Content Management System that allows you to easily create, publish and manage a wide range of content on your site. There are literally tens of thousands of people using this CMS right now because of the ease of use that the system provides.

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You may have your own ideas of the best or easiest to use CMS platforms out there. These are among the most popular and the easiest for designers to turn out professionally designed sites in little time.

Jake Oates

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  1. kevin says:

    I’m a big fan of C5. Its gives the designer more flexibility. Stall away from Joomla. the admin SUCKS! All of our clients can’t stand it!

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