Top 10 iPhone Photo Apps

I ordered my iPhone from my local phone store. They were out of stock and gave me the option of having it shipped. I know shipping is fast from FedEx but oh, it’s so difficult to wait when it feels like Christmas and I am four years old! But wait I did and very patiently at that. Alas, I was rewarded and in a shorter amount of time that I was originally quoted too! Fed Ex showed up a few days later with my 4G and I could hardly contain my excitement. I unveiled it. I setup my own personal preferences and once that was complete I was off to explore the latest photo apps I compiled a Top Ten list of the latest and greatest that I discovered.

1. Instagram: Free

It’s free and while limited as it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the other apps, it is the outstanding in its photo sharing network.

2. Photoshop Express: Free

Another free app, this is good for those who really only need simple, no frills editing.

iphone photo apps

3. Perfect Photo : Cost $0.99

A Basic program for IPhone photographers this image editing app is able to fix redeye, facial scarring and do a fairly decent job of basic adjustments. Aside from Photoshop, it’s one of the least expensive photo editing apps. . Featuring over 20 basic tools making it easy for even the freshest newbie.

4. MonoPhix : Cost $0.99

I love black and white. This is an app for converting color to monochrome, including infrared options with a fair amount of clear cut control. One button conversion method plus grain reduction or enhancement and infrared options.

5. ShakeItPhoto : Cost $0.99

Shake it like a Polaroid! The faster you shake your IPhone, the faster the image is processed! This is a fun app that develops your picture, slowly, just like the real thing (sound effects too!). I had to include it because my four children really dig the whole process and it keeps them entertained!

6. Grungetastic : Cost $0.99

In layman terms, this will deconstruct (or wreck) your photo with an array of effects that are totally in your control.

7. Photo Artista Oil : Cost $2.99

Popular and one of the best apps out there. You have seven painting styles in addition to seven detail controls to give your photos that freshly painted look.

8. Magic Shutter  : Cost $2.99

Even with the updated IPhone4, the flash isn’t always flattering of your subject. Magic Shutter lets you have control of the sensor so that the record light stays on longer into order to build up exposure, plus it allows you to create light tails with bright lights, sparklers, cigarettes, etc.

9. Iris Photo Suite : Cost $1.99

This editing app is a must for the devoted iPhone photographer. Amongst many features it sports tools to create double exposure, contrast, color replacement and many other goodies to entice it’s user.

10. Pano : Cost $1.99

In my opinion, the best panoramic shooting app. Excellent resolution for printing. You can shoot up to sixteen photos in vertical or horizontal sets and it connects them, automatically, together for you. This is the one to go with, hands down.

Keep in mind that your IPhone is also a camera. Having the right photo editing and effects tools installed and handy for those spontaneous life moments that are worth capturing!

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