25 Excellent ASP.Net Tutorials

ASP.net is a web development framework developed by Microsoft. It allows programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. It was released in 2002 and since then it is gaining popularity in web development industry. So many web developers started using ASP.net but personally I don’t like it as much as I like the other frameworks. One of the main reason I didn’t like ASP.net is that it makes a heavy website and websites build in ASP.net loads slow in comparison to websites developed in html or PHP. If you are interested in learning this framework then you can follow these amazing tutorials. This post features 25 excellent ASP.Net tutorials to help you become a better ASP.Net developer.

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ASP Dot Net Tutorials

  1. ASP.NET From Scratch : Views

  2. Extend Your .NET Applications With Add-ons

  3. How To Build An RSS Feed With ASP.NET

  4. ASP.NET From Scratch : Routing in MVC

  5. Create ASP.NET Server Controls From Scratch

  6. ASP.NET and Ajax

  7. ASP.NET from Scratch : MVC

  8. Quick Tip : Using Anonymous Objects For Key/Value Pairs in .NET

  9. ASP.NET From Scratch : Controllers and Simple Model Validation

  10. How To Build A Simple Twitter Widget With ASP.NET

  11. ASP.NET From Scratch : SQL Server

  12. .NET LINQ From Scratch

  13. ASP.NET Fro PHP Developers

  14. Developing Usable .NET Components

  15. How To Add Custom Configuration Settings For An ASP.NET Application

  16. A jQuery UI And .NET Image Organizer

  17. Reading And Writing Cookies in ASP.NET And VB

  18. How To Retrieve A Web Page Using ASP.NET And VB

  19. How To Search A Website Using ASP.NET 3.5

  20. Performing A DNS Query Using ASP.NET 2.0 And C# .NET

  21. Displaying A Random Image Each New Session

  22. Drawing in ASP.NET

  23. Rotating Images With ASP.NET

  24. Creating A Simple Hit Counter With ASP.NET and C#

  25. Installing Microsoft Chart Controls For .NET

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