3 Reasons Why Design News Blogs Sucks?

sucks You must have the knowledge of design news blogs, the blogs which only publish the links from other design blogs and never publish anything original from their side. These blogs are good for design blogs as these blogs gives chance to share their articles, but most of the design blogs are not doing any good to the readers as they are continuously publishing articles from 8 or 10 most popular blogs. I thought about some of the reasons why some design news blogs sucks and then I thought to share these reasons with the viewers of Stylish Web Designer. Here are some of the main reasons Why Design News Blogs Sucks?

1. They only publish articles from some of the most popular design blogs. Almost every designer knows about these design blogs and they can read the articles themselves from the popular design blogs. You don’t need to publish them on your design news blogs.

2. Publishing articles from their friend’s not so good design blog.

3. They have submit news column but some blogs never look at it as they are busy publishing articles from their favourite blogs.

These are the main reasons why most of the design news blogs sucks. I am not saying that there are not good design news blogs but most of them are not providing good and different content for their readers. Please share your thoughts and views about these design blogs in the comments section below.

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Loveish Kalsi

Loveish Kalsi is a freelance Web and Graphic Designer from India. He is the owner of famous design blog Creativedesignmagazine.com

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4 Responses to 3 Reasons Why Design News Blogs Sucks?

  1. Khali says:

    true, but if you are creating a resource post, cool. you should only follow up to 10 blogs daily. NO INFO OVERLOAD! maybe you should do a resource post as to which blogs you consider the top ten.

    my favs?

    -(this one)
    -web designer depot
    -nettuts(+ affiliates)
    -a list apart
    -css tricks(+ affiliates)

    -and some randoms am keepin’ in my ammo belt. 😉

  2. I have totally agree with you very informative post. Thanks for sharing this nice information.

  3. C. Lapa says:

    The reason why design “news” blogs suck, is that they are not news. They were not produced as news. Nor do people read them as news. Or do they?

    Take Swiss Miss; which sucks big time. It reads like a mommy’s diary of what is “likeable.” I like this gift. This quote inspired me. I like this couch. This is good design. These are my personal feelings and professional frustrations. For Western designers who still think Modernism just needs a friendly face, Swiss Miss is great. For anyone involved in critical or independent thinking, it’s a nightmare. But, Swiss Miss is a personal diary. That is what a blog is: a personal weblog. Blogs are not news. Or so it seems…

    Blogs are not as personal as they once were; they’ve now busy promoting and advertising professional services and products. National Post, The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, Village Voice… they all have Tumblr blogs now. Some of them re-publish and filter their own news content (which is often just re-published and filtered content from the Associated Press anyway).

    On Tumblr, the National Post for example, only blogs about their visual news-making: their maps, photography and information graphics. Which can be interesting for cartographers, illustrators, graphic and information designers.

    So “news”-based blogs are gaining ground. But the personal weblog is still the standard, which is what most designers engage in.

    Do designers read personal design weblogs as news? Yes, they do. News to them is not about getting interesting angles or critical analysis of what is going on. News to them is about: who has the same taste as me? What are they looking at? What do they like? If I want to think and see like them, I should follow up on what they post.

    Then, if these designers have blogs too, they report, repost or link back. Design news blogs generally network as a giant orgy of people who have the same taste. Shame!

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