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Attracting traffic to your website is only half of the battle. Visitors must then be encouraged to remain on the site. The more enticing the content and appealing your website design is, the greater chance you have of converting them into clients. There are a few steps to take to ensure you are increasing conversions with your online marketing.

Digital Content

One study projected that nearly 70% of all internet client traffic will be digital content by 2017. Videos offered online provide consumers with content that is effective and efficient. This type of content satisfies their need for information while simultaneously entertaining them.

Most business owners today are familiar with the term ‘viral videos’. They are also aware that this is an extremely successful method of marketing any brand. The term viral indicates that digital content is popular by permeating the internet and social media. These videos are not only enticing, viewers are provided with the ability to share the content with friends and family. This is one or the best forms of referral marketing and best of all- it’s free of charge.

Instinctual Navigation

One of the first things website visitors look for is links to direct them to information about the business, product and/or service descriptions, and contact options. It is important to have a website design that is simple to navigate. The most common locations for these navigational cues are along one side and at the top of every page of the site. The navigation bar should ever present globally throughout the site.

Well executed information architecture and an intuitive sitemap are essential to good website design. Also, ensure that any main navigation drop downs are comprehensive and efficiently organized.

Another essential element to include is effective and succinct information about your business. Visitors must be able to quickly determine what the website and company are about. Provide a succinct paragraph, company image, and mission statement. The identity of the company must be firmly established or unfulfilled visitors will exit the website.

Blog Design

In today’s world a blog is no longer an optional extra. Successful online marketing requires a blog that is intuitively categorized and designed. This makes information simple to locate and entices visitors to pursue more. The content should be simple clearly visible on any type of device, whether computer, mobile, or reader. It is also essential to refresh the website’s information on a regular basis to keep visitors engaged.

Including Social Media

Having a social media presence is a necessity for any online presence, and it also heightens visitors’ experiences. There are two effective ways to integrate your social media channels into your website. You can embed share widgets which encourage users to share exciting information from your website with their own networks. A social media feeds and featuring them prominently on your website design will ensure the retention of user focus and will let them know of any recent updates.

Customer Feedback

Businesses have long been aware that customer feedback is the best and most credible form of marketing. Invite satisfied clients to post their opinions and experiences on the company website as well as on social media platforms. This provides an effective, efficient, and often free method of showcasing your value as a company. An example of this would be; posting satisfied customer testimonials on your website and also ensuring you monitor your online reputation on message boards and review websites.

Implement Strong Call to Actions

An irresistible call to action should be implemented when contacting customers via social media or email. This provides them with a catalyst to take action on a specific task. Language that is low-pressure, yet exciting should be used to provoke the client to act. Adding incentives are a bonus. Be sure the call to action clearly describes what, when, why, and especially how.

The online world is constantly changing therefore its marketing must evolve as well. The previously mentioned tips are essential for successfully mastering conversion marketing. Once you achieve this, your business will no doubt experience a surge in inbound, quality and qualified leads.

This article was contributed by Magicdust, a full service digital agency providing a range of online marketing services, ecommerce solutions and website design Sydney and Australia wide.

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