5 Reasons Why You May Want To Choose Magento

The widespread use of the Internet has led many people to turn to online shopping, which calls for the development of e-commerce websites, complete with shopping carts. One of the most popular technologies in this area is Magento. A simple search of the Web for the term showed 56,300,000 results, and according to its official website, over 150,000 businesses trust this platform, some of which are the leading brands in the world.

Launched in March 2008, Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that provides powerful features for developing and managing online stores. The eBay-owned platform has proved popular with different types of businesses over the few years because of its various advantages. Here are the top five advantages of Magento.



Feature-Rich Platform

Magento provides almost 30 different features meant to give both buyers and sellers the best experience possible. Some of the features are:
• Product configurations
• Advanced administrator roles
• Customer accounts management
• Marketing tools and promotions
• Analytics and Reporting
• Multiple store views
• Flexible pricing rules
• Persistent shopping cart
• Multi-language support

Although the platform accepts extensions, the features it comes with out of the box are enough for a powerful e-commerce website. It comes with Configurable, Simple, Bundled, Grouped, Digital and Virtual products. I can easily set up a new e-commerce website because Magento allows me to import large lists of products, and the platform supports over 50 payment gateways.

Support for Extensions

The fact that Magento is a feature-rich platform that works well out of the box does not mean it is rigid. People have so many different needs that there are chances you may want to do something that the platform does not support. However, there are very high chances there is already an extension that brings the required functionality.

Many extensions are relatively cheap, and they integrate easily with Magento. In the event that I cannot do what you want, extensions will help me out.

Powerful Architecture

some people claim that Magento is “over-architectured,” but its powerful architecture allows is to meet a wide range of needs. Having been developed to scale from one to a million, the platform helps avoid pitfalls associated with many solutions, including code re-use, debugging, maintainability and support.
The code structure makes it easy to handle upgrades or add functionality to an e-commerce website. It is easy to download and install modules and various extensions.

Simple Integration

The extensible API used in Magento makes it easy to integrate the platform with both web-based and stand-alone applications. It can be seamlessly integrated with various management tools, Enterprise Resource Planning and account systems. Extensible API also makes Magento very flexible. I can adjust it depending on my current needs.

Mobile Functionality

People are increasingly using their mobile devices to access e-commerce websites, and it is important for online stores to integrate mobile applications. Magento makes existing stores compatible with mobile devices by resizing all content to fit different screen sizes, including pictures. This means I will not have to worry about designing new mobile-friendly websites.
The platform employs technologies like CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript to develop Web applications that are not device-specific. Mobile functionality allows businesses to capture more customers and generate more revenue.

These are some of the reasons why you may want to choose Magento.

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  1. Kathy Daunt says:

    Good Post. There are so many features where I came across in a post:

    -Customers Can Create Accounts any time while browsing or during checkout
    -Online order status and history
    -Re-orders from account
    -Recently ordered items
    -Address Book with default billing and shipping addresses
    -Newsletter subscription management
    -Product Reviews submitted
    -Product Tags created
    -PayPal Access Integration
    Lately seen a related article to this which explains top motivations to pick Magento: http://www.designaeon.com/top-motivations-to-pick-magento/

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