The Importance of Staying Trendy in Web Design

As you must already know, web design – just as fashion, music and many other things of our everyday life – is influenced a lot by trends. These may be good or bad – some of them, like the new “background video” that I see on an increasing number of websites, can be really annoying. There is one, though, that is not annoying at all, but increasingly necessary and important: building responsive websites. Responsiveness is a very important trait in our online world filled with the greatest ever variety of screens they will be displayed on. Remember the beginnings of the internet, when the largest monitor one could afford had a 1024×768 resolution? Building a website was easy back then – you built a website looking good on 640×480 (VGA), and it looked good on every other usual resolution it could have encountered. Today things have changed a lot – there are an incredible variety of devices with a great variety of screen sizes accessing the internet, from the smallest 3.5″ screens to the largest 120″ smart TVs – and your website needs to behave itself well on each and every one of them, or you lose the customers using that device class. Besides, having an unresponsive website nowadays – or one that calls a different theme when it is visited using a mobile device or browser – is a sign of being unprofessional nowadays. Remember – a great share of visitors come to your website using their mobile devices, and their number will only increase in the next few years. Serving them with a website that does not adapt to their needs is just not good enough. Yes, customers are THIS demanding. Building a responsive website has a number of advantages as well. Besides looking good on any device and any resolution, responsive websites are much easier to update and maintain. Imagine having a separate theme for multiple device classes, and having to change a certain image on all of them. This disappears when you have an interface that adapts to the screen size of the user. Having a responsive website is also good SEO. The URL structure remains the same, no matter what device the visitor uses. Besides, optimizing your content for all possible devices becomes much easier when you don’t have to worry about devices, resolutions and themes. This leads to higher conversion rates, and a notable increase in the number of possible customers you can reach through mobile devices. The increasing number of mobile subscribers accessing the internet, and the growing number of internet-capable mobile devices each year makes it important to stay in trend, stay responsive, and make your own work easier. And don’t forget – play at the top Microgaming casino available online. Visit

Loveish Kalsi

Loveish Kalsi is a freelance Web and Graphic Designer from India. He is the owner of famous design blog

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