Why SEO is Dominant in The Internet Marketing

The main intention of marketing is to endorse the product in market. In the past, when there was no internet, marketing was mainly carried through newspaper or a sales person relied on door to door marketing. But now, with the advance in technology the ways of marketing have also undergone revolution. Almost all business owners are making use of internet to promote their business.

Email marketing, PPC marketing, SEO and Social media marketing are the best ways of marketing in these changing times.

Email marketing

This was the first method that came into advertising when the concept of SEO marketing came into force. In this type of marketing emails are sent to all email holders stating that your company is launching new products and marketing.

Although Email marketing is the cheapest method, it has its own drawbacks. Here, you have to extract the data of the customers from some reliable source. Since most of the emails are sent to random mail users they are likely to land up in spam folder of the user. Most of the users don’t even bother to open the spam account and the marketing effort may go waste. Many of the emails may get deleted by the user even being unread. This fact reduces your chance to gain new customers. Also, you may not be sure whether the email is received by the targeted person or not. To overcome such problems, you have to invest in bulk emails or employ professionals who identify email users that care for the service or the product being advertised.

Social media marketing

It is one of the easiest and free ways to promote the product in the market. In this method, the people who are really interested in your product or service will join or follow you. Hence your message will be delivered to the correct audience.

But to reap the benefits of Social media marketing, you should employ an expert who has knowledge about your company and products. He should be capable of handling your social media presence. Also, he should be able to check your social media accounts every now and then to see that if some unsatisfied customers have posted negative comments. For instance, every comment on Twitter is public and you have no control over what people tweet. Bad news can go viral as easily as good news and can bring a great loss to your business.

PPC marketing

It is one of the best means of search engine marketing. In this method, you will have to pay amount when people click on your website. The number of clicks is recorded in the particular search engine account and you need to pay directly to the search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

According to recent studies it was discovered that 18% of results by PPC on Google were false. It was believed that false clicks were made by competitors as they wanted their opponents to waste money in advertising. Another major drawback of pay per click is the bidding war. When some other company bids a higher price than your bid, your site will get down to a lower position on the search engine results.


SEO is a long term marketing strategy for your online marketing. SEO is far superior to other paid online marketing owing to varied reasons. As with other methods of marketing as soon as you stop paying your bills to the advertiser the traffic to your website will stop. But this is not the thing in SEO. Here, once you stop paying the refinement fee for the firm, you might only see slight variations of website traffic. Unlike PPC, your website will hopefully rank better in the free search results and this will mean you need not pay for a click through to your website. Once you pay for SEO setup campaign, every click or visitor to your website is free. There are also evidences which show that the website traffic gained from SEO is 4 times greater than PPC.

A properly executed Search Engine Optimization campaign will drive good traffic to your website. Though selling the product or service is then the responsibility of the company, make sure you integrate your SEO with good design, clear and prevalent supporting service and correct marketing principles like color schemes and layouts.

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