200 Must Read Articles For Designers

Its been a long time since I posted the best of design links for our readers. Today I am going to give link juice to my fellow bloggers. This post features the 200 useful articles for web and graphic designers. If you wish to add your design related article to our next round up of posts, you can add it via submission form in the sidebar.

200 Must Read Articles For Designers


  1. 30+ beautifully and creatively designed web layouts

  2. Logo Evolution of 12 Companies Brands

  3. 4 Beautiful Coffee Cup Patterns for Packaging Designs

  4. 30 Best Free Premium Magazine WordPress Themes

  5. 85 Well Designed Under Construction Pages

  6. 26 Unique and Free Wooden Door Textures

  7. 18 Free Vintage Wallpaper Textures

  8. 180+ HTML5 Tutorials and a Round-Up of Round-Ups

  9. 20 Adobe Photoshop Tutorials For Creating Buttons

  10. 30+ Excellent Digital Art Painting Tutorials and Techniques

  11. Points You Must Have in Mind While Designing Business Cards

  12. 10 jQuery Image Gallery Plugins for Designers & Developers

  13. Top 10 Useful jQuery Plugins Of March 2011 You Should Check Out

  14. 25+ Mini and Creative Business Cards

  15. CSS ShortHand Property Cheat Sheet

  16. 30 Excellent Tutorials for Creating Wallpaper in Photoshop

  17. 40 Impressive Design Agency Websites

  18. Modern Art: A Source of Inspiration for Designers

  19. Great Art Movements That Inspired Modern Web Designers

  20. Top 10 Typography Websites – Where I go for inspiration

  21. Fresh new beautiful & useful free textures to add flair to your photos

  22. 50 EPIC Examples Of Street Art That Will Blow You Away

  23. Essential Skills for a Professional Web Designer

  24. 20+ Beautiful Easter Wallpapers

  25. 70+ Creative Typography Designs

  26. Factors that Affect a CMS Web Design Cost

  27. Top 10 Free Web Templates To Launch Your Own Music Website

  28. 30 Most Creative Logo Designs Of April 2011

  29. 13 fresh Photoshop tutorials to turn on this week

  30. 50 Creative E-Commerce Website Designs

  31. 10 Amazing Game Character Maps Images

  32. How to make abstract colour hole wallpaper in Photoshop

  33. 28 Minimalist WordPress Themes that Do Not Cause Yawning

  34. 8 cool WordPress themes to create your photoblog

  35. 30 Sets of Watercolor Free Brushes for Photoshop

  36. 50 Mind Provoking Professional Poster Designs

  37. 30 Premium E-Commerce WordPress Themes

  38. 20 Best Free Handwritten Fonts

  39. Spectacular Examples of Typography in Print Ads

  40. 30+ Creatively Alive Non Living Things Tell Exciting Stories

  41. 5 Completely Free Grunge Textures

  42. 10 interesting CSS3 buttons tutorials

  43. 20 Handy Adobe AIR Applications For Designers

  44. +60 Free High Resolution Stone and Rock Textures

  45. 20 Wonderful CSS3 Text Effect Tutorials and Experiments

  46. 15 Hand-Picked Navigation Menus For your Website

  47. Top 5 Online Billing Softwares to Turn Your Small Business Into Global Success

  48. Measuring Social Media as a Marketing Tool

  49. Top Free Website Templates To Dedicate A Website To Sport

  50. Create a blur effect with jQuery

  51. 20 Fresh And Best Photoshop Tutorials From 2011

  52. 12 Must See Photoshop 3D Text Effect Tutorials

  53. 17 Qulaity Free Magazine WordPress Themes

  54. How To Create a Dramatic Action Scene in Photoshop

  55. 50 Professional Executed Low Angle Photographs

  56. 13 fresh Photoshop tutorials to turn on this week

  57. 5 Tileable background patterns

  58. 35 Beautiful Google Android Desktop Wallpapers

  59. 20 Excellent Tutorials For Creating Vector Illustrations

  60. 20 Best Photoshop Tutorials For Photo

  61. 20 Unique and Creative 404 Error Page Design Inspiration

  62. Free UI Element Kits and Stencils for a perfect web template

  63. Ten Photoshop Tips For Digital Illustrators

  64. 55 Green Website Designs for Your Inspiration

  65. 10 interesting CSS3 buttons tutorials

  66. 15 Excellent Tutorials For Designing Business Cards

  67. 20+ Creative Logos Inspired by Houses

  68. 40 High Quality Free HTML/CSS Website Templates

  69. 70 Excellent WordPress Tips And Tutorials From First Three Months Of 2011

  70. Collection of Free and Well Designed Grid-Based WordPress Themes

  71. 40+ Astonishing & Stunning Vector Art For Your Inspiration

  72. 12 Must See Photoshop 3D Text Effect Tutorials

  73. Paypal shopping cart for Facebook

  74. Why Your Business Needs A Well Designed Logo

  75. Massive Collection of Stunning Illustration Web Design

  76. Fresh Free HTML And CSS Web Templates Of March 2011

  77. 40 Inspiring Logos Using Red Color

  78. 81 Exciting and Creative Typography Designs To Inspire

  79. 20 Dashing and Charming Tree Wallpapers for Desktop

  80. How to make a killer first impression when meeting your design clients online

  81. 40 Awesome Examples of HTML5 Portfolio Websites

  82. 3D Logo Animation Using Adobe Illustrator And Swift 3D

  83. 25 Must Have Firefox 4 Compatible Add-ons

  84. 41 Attractive Flyer Designs For Graphic Designers Inspiration

  85. 25 Example Of Character Illustration In Business Card Design

  86. 10 Free Business Card Templates

  87. Vector Musical Theme background

  88. Professional Free WordPress Themes

  89. Google Instant Search and the Internets need for instantineity

  90. 10 Awesome HTML5 and CSS3 based Form tutorials

  91. If You Have a Passion for Design Check Out this Cool Bleeding Photo Photoshop Tutorial

  92. 1st Ideas: Create a Stylish Design Agency Website [Very Detailed]

  93. 50+ Best Logo Designs Inspired By Nature

  94. How to Make Your E-commerce Web Page Design a Success?

  95. 200+ Free PSD Web UI Elements For Your Next Web Design

  96. Different Ways to Earn a Living as a Designer

  97. Pricing Table FREE psd template

  98. 100+ Free Blogger Templates

  99. The Secrets of Corporate Web Design

  100. 10 Copies of BackupBuddy Premium WordPress Plugin Giveaway

  101. 50 Most Creative Recruitment Ads in the World

  102. Flash 3D Websites: Most Professional and Impressive Works

  103. Things You must Know about Web Application Development

  104. 30 Latest Photoshop Brushes For Designers

  105. 51 Superb Examples Of Photo Manipulation: IPhone Inspired

  106. 5 Must-See Website Uptime Monitoring Services

  107. Excellent Collection of Free Portfolio Style WordPress Themes

  108. 10 Free Photo Templates For A Stylish Online Portfolio

  109. HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques

  110. 30 Beautiful Single Page Website Designs

  111. Photoshop Brushes: 30 Latest Photoshop Brushes Set For Designers

  112. 35+ Wonderful Images of Fisheye Photography

  113. 50 Fantastic Examples of Graffiti Artworks Around the World

  114. Showcase of 20 Revolutionary Email Newsletter Designs

  115. 10 ways of Crowdsourcing your needs or talent

  116. 42 Amazing And Inspirational Female Artworks

  117. Easy Photoshop Color Splash Tutorial for Photos and Images

  118. Most Important Lessons for Creative Professionals in Managing Clients

  119. How to Enable Your Clients to Make Partial Payments for an Invoice with Invoicera.com

  120. 30 Design Apps on the Mac App Store

  121. Things You must Know about Web Application Development

  122. 20+ Best WordPress Widgets

  123. 25 Best Menus And Navigation Tutorials in Adobe Flash

  124. 70 Most Wanted Ajax Tutorials For Upcoming Web Designers

  125. 25 High-Quality And Creative Fonts For Free Download

  126. 30 Stunning Examples Of Coming Soon Pages For Inspiration

  127. 30 Unconventional Yet Awesome Web Designs

  128. Informative & Creative Examples Of Photoshop Tutorials

  129. Benefits of Custom Website Designing

  130. 15 Examples of Games Based on HTML5 Canvas

  131. 40 Upcoming Design, Development & Social Media Conferences Worth Attending

  132. 40+ Extraordinary & Mind Blowing Natural Photography

  133. 68+ Amazingly Free Grunge Textures

  134. 20 Most Famous Fonts (And How to Get Them)

  135. Informative & Creative Examples Of Photoshop Tutorials

  136. 50 Beautifully Designed Birds for inspiration

  137. 33 Really High Quality Yet Free Fonts Released in 2011

  138. 10 Most Valuable CSS Cheat Sheets For Web Designers

  139. 32 Free High-Quality PSD Files For Web Designer – Part IV

  140. 10 Free HTML/CSS Web Templates

  141. WordPress Latest Designs and Theme Tutorials

  142. 50 Beautiful Red Websites For Your Inspiration

  143. What 8-Bit Video Games Can Teach Us About Design And UX

  144. jQuery canvas 3d image gallery

  145. Vibrant Summer Photoshop Patterns

  146. Inspiring Font Typography: 70+ Creative Font Typography Designs

  147. 15 Best Free HTML And CSS Web Templates Of Early 2011

  148. 100 Creative Logo Designs For Inspiration

  149. Excellent jQuery CSS Animated Navigation Menu Tutorials

  150. 30+ Delicious & Tasty Birthday Cake Designs

  151. 35 Free UI Element Kits and Stencils for a perfect web template design

  152. Why you want to use the :any() CSS selector

  153. 20 Beautiful and Eye-Catchy T-Shirt Designs That You Love to Get

  154. Keys To A Successful Call To Action

  155. 35 Remarkable Hot Air Balloon Pictures

  156. Is Your Web Form Tabbing Intuitive?

  157. How to Make A Custom Brush in Photoshop Using a Photo

  158. 15 Fresh Web Design Inspiration Showcase Websites

  159. 10 Free New Web Fonts You Can Use Today

  160. 35+ Beautiful Mini Business Cards for Inspiration

  161. Showcase of Outstanding Responsive Web Designs

  162. Grid Star Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern

  163. 40 Stunning Typography Illustrations

  164. Designing for the iPad without an iPad

  165. How To Create a Stylish Skull Based Vector Illustration

  166. 25 Awesome Red Logos for Inspiration

  167. How to Create a Clean and Stylish Login Form In Photoshop

  168. Free Medical Web Templates For Your Company

  169. 6 Techniques to write better CSS for your next project

  170. Abstract texture backgrounds

  171. 7 Tips for Creating an Effective Jump Page

  172. 75 Concept Cars Of The Future Incredible Design

  173. 1000+ Best Photoshop Tutorials, Brushes & Resources

  174. 50 Useful Photoshop Web Design Layout Tutorials

  175. 25+ Premium WordPress Video Themes

  176. 6 HTML5 Books to Get

  177. 17 Free Color Gradient Sets For Photoshop

  178. Amazing Illustrations For Inspiration

  179. 25 Ideas to Promote Yourself Online as a Freelance Designer

  180. 10 Inspirational Fixed Position Menus

  181. The Before and After Series: Showcase of 28 Re-designed Weblogs

  182. 30 Free Premium WordPress Themes From April 2011

  183. 35 Awesome CSS3 Examples And Helpful Resources For Web Designers

  184. 15 Tips for Creating Awesome Web Forms in Flash

  185. Create Outer Space Inside Photoshop

  186. Top 25 Digital Art Portraits Of All Time

  187. Top Free restaurant Templates With Mouthwatering Design

  188. 3 Standard Principal Elements in Effective Print Design

  189. Remarkable & Hearttouching Photography of Natural Beauty

  190. 30 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

  191. HTML5 Slideshow Script | Download Source Code

  192. Is it really necessary to validate the code?

  193. How to order the elements with jQuery

  194. Plagiarism and web design: prevention and reaction

  195. Print Media in the Bigger Picture of Technological Advancement

  196. Free Beautiful Feminine Website PSD

  197. Best Hand Drawn Icon Sets For Free

  198. 40 Vintage and Retro Web Design Inspirations

  199. 40 High Quality, Fresh And Free WordPress Themes Of Year 2011

  200. 50 Cityscape Wallpapers To Beautify Your Desktop

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