44 Excellent jQuery Tutorials For Web Developers

jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery is the future of the web along with HTML5 and CSS3. In this post I collected some excellent jQuery tutorials for web developers. We also have a huge collection of jQuery Plugins. You can see our resources section for more web design and development resources.

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1. Outside The Box Navigation With jQuery

2. jQuery Sequential List

3. Thumbnails Preview Slider With jQuery

4. How To Build An RSS Reader With jQuery Mobile

5. Moleskine Notebook With jQuery Booklet

6. Image Cross Fade Transition

7. Overlay Effect Menu With jQuery

8. Advanced Docking Using jQuery

9. Animated Menus Using jQuery

10. Animated Portfolio Gallery With jQuery

11. Coda Popup Bubbles

12. Slider Gallery With jQuery

13. How To Create An Awesome Image Preloader

14. Compact News Previewer With jQuery

15. jQuery List Filtering

16. jQuery Infinite Carousel

17. Creating A CSS3 Generator With CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery

18. Related Posts Slide Out Boxes With jQuery and CSS3

19. BBC Radio 1 Zoom Tabs

20. Creating A Virtual jQuery Keyboard

21. Vertical Scroll Menu With jQuery Tutorial

22. Coda Slider Effect

23. How To Build Cross Browser HTML5 Forms

24. How To Mimic The iGoogle Interface

25. Display Elements Sequentially With jQuery

26. jQuery Face Detection

27. Contextual Slide Out Tips With jQuery and CSS3

28. Create A Funky Parallax Background Effect Using jQuery

29. Fixed Fade Out Menu : A CSS And jQuery Tutorial

30. Combined Facebook, Twitter and RSS Stats With jQuery, PHP and YQL

31. How To Create a Stylish Content Slider using CSS3 and jQuery

32. Cooltrip – A jQuery Tooltip Plugin

33. A Simple Movie Search App w/ jQuery UI

34.  Polaroid Photobar Gallery with jQuery

35. How To Create Skype Like Buttons using jQuery

36. Using jQuery For Background Image Animations

37. Google Powered Site Search With jQuery

38. Custom Animation Banner With jQuery

39. CSS Rounded Image With jQuery

40. Use jQuery To Turn Off The Lights While Watching Videos

41. Hover Slide Effect With jQuery

42. Advanced Docking using jQuery

43. Effortless Full Screen Background image using jQuery

44. Expand Table Rows With jQuery – jExpand Plugin

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