7 Essential Factors To Re-design Your Website

Your website is an important tool that you hold dear to yourself. You spend a substantial amount of time working on its maintenance and improvement. Your website can double up as an extraordinary possession and as your source of income. You can also use it to articulate your thoughts and share information to the world. However, it gets to a point that you need to re-design your website to meet new demands. At this point, you might be worried about whether the changes you want to make would turn around your website. Nevertheless, it is imperative to consider factors that would help you redesign your website perfectly. You should also undertake research to determine the appropriate time to effect the changes. However, on this article you will find some of the factors that would trigger the need for a re-design. Ensure to thoroughly read and analyze every detail before making a decision. When should you re-design your website?

1. When your website branding is poor

The brand of your website needs to be well positioned to capture the interest of your visitors. In addition to your website logo and mascot, you should ensure the appearance is also part of branding. Therefore, you should re-design your site to ensure its appearance is sold to visitors.


2. When your Site SEO ranking fails to improve

You should regularly check your website ranking on search engines. When your website ranking fails to improve, it is time you add new, quality and relevant contents. You ensure the content you add is relevant to your website niche. You should remember that people visit sites for new information and thus, you will need new information to attract visitors.


3. When the design is outdated

Every year, designers create thousands of website designs that revolve around similar patterns and appearance. On some occasions, it is therefore possible to tell when the website was created. You should put many emphases on your target. This is by ensuring your website attracts the intended number of traffic or even more. You can look for new ideas for the latest website release. When the design of your website cannot be modified to incorporate the intended changes, it is time you re-design.


4. When the latest plug-ins fail to your website

Plug-ins affects the performance of your website. Therefore, if your website fails to accept the latest plug-in, you should re-design. Some of the plug-in failure behaviors include wrapped texts and broken images. You should understand that if visitors find broken links, texts and images, they would not benefit from your website and thus, they would leave.


5. When your website traffic is low

You should re-design your website when the traffic fails to improve despite offering quality content and a great appearance. On some occasions, it is necessary to optimize your website and posts, which rely on the creation of your website.


6. When it has unprofessional look

It is essential to ensure your website look is professional. You should understand that people do not trust poorly designed websites and thus, you should re-design to improve it.


7. When your website navigation is difficult

Most people make a mistake of designing a website based on the appearance. You should put emphasize on the functionality of your website more than looks. You should ensure yours arrive at their information with less than 3 clicks.


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