60 Most Wanted WordPress Hacks

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), often used as a blog publishing application, powered by PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over 13% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites. In this article I collected so many WordPress hacks to help you enhance your WordPress skills. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments in comments section. Enjoy!



1. How To Get All Custom Fields From A Page or A Post


2. How To Display Content In Multiple Columns


3. How To Show WordPress Post Attachments


4. How To Style Posts Individually


5. How To Disable Comments In Old Posts Via PHP


6. How To Automatically Resize Pictures On Your WordPress Blog


7. Send Article To A Friend By E-mail


8. How To Fetch And Display RSS Feeds


9. Create A Function To Get Tags Related To Category


10. How To Create An Anti-IE6 Plugin


11. How To Check If A Plugin is Active or Not


12. How To List Your Most Popular Posts


13. How To Display Related Posts


14. Displaying Recent Comments


15. How To Display The Most Commented Posts in Specific Period


16. How To List Your Upcoming Posts


17. How To Separate WordPress Comments And Trackbacks


18. Automatically Retrieve The First Image From Posts On Your Home Page


19. Automatically Get Images On Post Content


20. Styling Your WordPress Comments


21. Stylish Author Comments


22. Highlighting Multiple Author Comments


23. Displaying The Most Recent Comment First


24. Disable Commenting On Older Posts


25. Get Rid Of Comments Section On Your WordPress Blog


26. How To Display A Random Header Image On Your WordPress Blog


27. How To Create Image Gallery In WordPress


28. How To Add A Print Button To Your WordPress Posts


29. How To Create a “Send To Twitter” Button


30. Add Author Info With Every Blog Post


31. Listing All The Authors From Your Blog


32. Display The Feedburner Subscriber Count In Text


33. How To Change Excerpt Length Depending Of The Category


34. Displaying Categories In Horizontal Drop Down Menu


35. Using Custom Page As Homepage


36. Create And Show Categories Image


37. Format Images For Feed Readers


38. Customize Error 404 Page


39. Using WordPress As Membership Directory


40. Create Mobile Version Of Your Blog


41. Post Text And Image Count


42. How To Display Facebook Statuses On WordPress Blog


43. Apple Flashy Accordion Sidebar


44. Allow Users To Submit Blog Post


45. Google Syntax Highlighter For WordPress


46. Exclude Certain Categories From Being Displayed


47. Another Date Image Hack


48. How To Avoid Duplicate Posts


49. WordPress Page Redirect Template


50. Add Breadcrumbs To Your WordPress Blog


51. Buy Me A Beer


52. WordPress Exploit Scanner


53. Control When You Want Your Posts To Be Available Via RSS


54. How To Create User Defined RSS Feeds In WordPress


55. Use Twitter Avatar In Comments


56. Paginated Comments


57. jQuery Reply To Comment


58. Comments RSS Link


59. Create An Ajax Based Auto Completing Search Field


60. Moving a Static HTML Site To WordPress

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