How to Make Glorious Websites in 4 Different Ways

There is such a great variety of website builders on the market right now. Some of them are perfect for amateurs, while others cater to professional needs. The question is which of these tools have better chances of meeting your individual expectations? My research has revealed four online services that go out of their way to please, and each does so in its own unique manner.

IM Creator – Fantastic DIY Builder


IM Creator would charm you right from the start. This service helps beginner users knock out marvelous sites in a jiffy. Going through its various categories of templates is such a delight, because you won’t see the same fine taste in pre-established layouts with many other builders. These themes are certified to make your website look great, and it’s a piece of cake to personalize one of them in the online design studio: manage pages, drag-and-drop videos, widgets, or pictures, as well as add text and favicons. When publishing, you may also take up web hosting on sound Amazon servers.

Jux – Engaging Showcaser


Jux has a singular take on websites. More than anything, it’s the ideal medium for sites that are visually expressive. To be specific, Jux enables its users to set up and keep a portfolio/event site/blog that speak volumes – an ‘edge-to-edge’ feature fills the entire screen and you can imagine has a huge impact on visitors. This platform doesn’t just showcase pictures, but also articles and videos that take the whole screen of iphones or ipads, too.

WordPress – Professional Tool


WordPress is the most widely known CMS. As far as today’s websites go, a big part of them have been launched here and are now part of the colossal WordPress community. Truth be told, this CMS is not such an accessible tool for average people. Instead, it welcomes creative professionals who know a thing or two about coding. But it would make a wonderful blogging solution, insofar as there is a vast array of plugins and widgets at your disposal.

Posthaven – Steadfast Solution


Posthaven is really special because it delivers a promise of durability as certain as the air that we breathe. In other words, if keeping a safe and continuous online presence is a top priority of yours, then it is well worth the trouble of laying aside $5 every month for his purpose. Apart from charging very little in exchange for the durability that it has to offer, Posthaven is known as the first blog system that had an email-to-post feature, or the easy way to post blog updates by sending an email and use attachments such as documents, videos, music files, or pictures.

Loveish Kalsi

Loveish Kalsi is a freelance Web and Graphic Designer from India. He is the owner of famous design blog

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