How To Make Your Business Website Draw In More Customers

The best web site in the world does nothing for a business’s bottom line if no one ever sees it. Considerable marketing effort must go into attracting traffic, but this must be done carefully, because twenty-first century web surfers are very averse to the hard sell. Even in this tough environment, though, some strategies are consistent winners.

Useful content

The absolute best way to attract traffic to a site is to have useful content that is available nowhere else. If the site provides information that the surfer is curious about, if it solves a problem, or if it is just fun to read, the battle is won. The news will spread from one surfer to another, and traffic will find its way to the unique content. Sometimes a giveaway is useful in this regard. Sites might offer a free eBook or access to a webinar to draw in traffic.


SEO optimization

Some web sites go viral and need nothing other than the web equivalent of word of mouth to go viral, but others require a little help. High rankings in the listings a search engine returns when asked about terms relevant to the site can pull in a great deal of traffic. Search engine optimization is the process of identifying suitable keywords and then structuring content around them. Writers must be careful not to overdo it, since keyword stuffing is penalized by almost all search engines. 1% to 2% is usually about right.

SEO optimization is important, but it can be time-consuming for someone with a business to run. Some firms contract out SEO work or other aspects of web development to someone like the skilled professionals at They build the web following while the manager runs the business.

Tasteful promotion

Another way to gain both direct traffic and a boost to the search engine’s rating is self-promotion. Search engines place heavy emphasis on links from unrelated sites, called backlinks, and surfers sometimes click on them, too. One way to get backlinks involves the signature line of posts to message boards or mailing lists, or the biography box offered to guest posters in someone else’s blog. The business should have its own social media accounts with the big providers with a profile page link to the website.

Business web sites must draw traffic to serve any useful purpose. By providing unique and desirable content, paying attention to keywords and cultivating backlinks, a webmaster can build significant amounts of traffic.

Loveish Kalsi

Loveish Kalsi is a freelance Web and Graphic Designer from India. He is the owner of famous design blog

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  1. I’ve found another great way is to build a mobile or responsive website that reaches users on both a desktop AND mobile device. Higher conversions, more visitors and happy customers!

  2. Good post! Don’t forget to optimize images for download speed!

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