Ten Eye Popping Caricatures

Exaggerating facial features is the essence of a caricature. Caricature artists take what is perceived to be a distinguishing feature and perhaps even a flaw and focus their entire digital creation on it. Done successfully, observers will easily be able to recognize the subject of the artwork. Some caricatures are created for entertainment purposes, some serve to make a political statement.

Many artists can create a visual likeness of a person’s face, but drawing a caricature is a tough skill to teach. The artist must be able to recognize that certain facial features will change in appearance when viewed from different angles. The successful caricature artist will also be attuned to the relationship that facial features have with each other along with the shape of the face. Below are ten awesome caricatures of famous faces, you’ll likely recognize with ease.





















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  1. That was impressive! I like the caricature of Stallone, it is one of the best for me. This kind of art is interesting and I also want to have a caricature of my face.:)

  2. 😀 wow that was interesting ! I really like it, all of the arts is interesting and superb.

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