The 5 Most Common UX Mistakes

One thing that counts most in a website design is user experience or UX. When you are in a website designing stage, it is possible that you may get stuck with disputes over certain tools or techniques for the project. However, it will be better if you are not one of those designers who forget that there is a person waiting to experience what they created. Thus, all your choices or decisions should take into account the user experience of your final creation. In this article, we will tell you about the 5 most common UX mistakes designers make.

Accepting Macro and Rejecting Micro

Usually, designers tend to forget that small interactions also matter a lot. They only focus on big design decisions. In most cases, errors with small interactions are what cause a disastrous user experience. Most of the users want technology to interact in a similar manner as humans. Small things in your website design will always make a big difference.

Utilizing Too Many Resources for Designing Homepage

Many designers spend too many resources on designing the homepage. They don’t really focus on other pages of the website. However, experts suggest that only 10% of users actually care about what a homepage looks like. Most of your social media efforts and marketing campaigns will send users directly to other landing pages.

It is true that you need a well-designed homepage. But you should not do it at the cost of compromising user experience. In the designing stages, you should study analytics to gather information about how people enter your website.

Too much Text

There is no doubt that content is the most important component of every web design. However, most people don’t prefer reading too much text on a web page. They find it boring and monotonous. Thus, you should use different elements to make a web page more interactive. Meaningful text should be combined with infographics and other multimedia essentials.

Include Every Target Group

Based on age, you will always have different target groups. Most designers prefer building web pages for people aged between 30 to 55 years. Although this covers most users who will visit your website, you will still lose many more. You should thoroughly study every target group before designing something. You should make sure that a user belonging to every target group enjoys the user experience of your website. Try to create something which is meant for all.

Never Ignore the Responsive Aspect

Most of the designers fail to realize that users are more focused on the aspect of mobility these days. In order to ensure great user experience, you need to design something that works perfectly on multiple devices and different screen sizes. This may be challenging. But it is certainly not impossible. If you want to ensure great user experience, you will have to come up with something innovative and unique.

These were only 5 common UX mistakes. Designers tend to make many mistakes during the designing stages. Therefore, consultation with experts, thorough research and feedback from users is extremely important. Users will be able to tell you what they want.

Chris McMahon is an experienced web designer and a part time blogger who loves to share his insight on web design and development. He currently works for one of the leading ecommerce website design Sydney.

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