Top Mobile Apps to Manage Your SEO Campaign

Tools to make you a more agile, responsive provider

Smartphones are the next frontier of SEO—a way to keep a constant eye out in a business that is growing as competitive as it is lucrative. Not all apps are created equal, but we’ve selected a few of the best to make your business quicker, slicker, and more profitable. (Note: we attempted to include apps available for both Android and iOS, but at the time of this writing, the majority of standout SEO apps are exclusive to iPhone and iPad. If you’ve found great SEO apps for Android, please let us know in the comments!)

5. Ego (iOS)

Ego is a great way to get a birds-eye if you use more than one service to analyze your traffic. It collates data from Ember, Google Analytics, FeedBurner, Mint, Vimeo, Tumblr, Squarespace, and WordPress to provide a broad, multi-dimensional look at how your sites or your clients’ are doing, without having to log out and back in to multiple services. While the analysis isn’t penetrating, it’s a nice way to get the big picture, covering page-views, Twitter followers, and feed subscriptions across multiple analytical platforms. (Cost: $1.99)

4. Link Juice (iOS)

With Link Juice, you can enter any webpage and instantly get data on indexed URLS, page and domain authority, backlinks, anchor text, and linking sources for that page. Use this toolset to identify top performers for you and others, so you can learn where to focus your efforts. It’s a fairly dense app, and hard to navigate for inexperienced SEO providers, but the data is solid and useful, and the comparative tools are worth the investment. (Cost: $1.99)

3. iSEO (iOS)

This is a great app to get an idea of the value of a site for link-building, or to keep an eye on your own pages’ progress; you can check any site or page’s ranking on Alexa, Google, Blog Worth, Technorati Authority, MSN/Yahoo! indexed pages, and Google indexed pages. Keyword density and Facebook and Twitter mentions are also monitored. You can also take a look at each stat over time to find trends, so you can get a better idea of what is making a positive difference for you (or your competitors). iSEO also allows you to email this info to colleagues or clients directly from the app, so you can better coordinate on the fly. (Cost: $1.99)

2. Google Analytics (Android, iOS)

If you already use Analytics to keep an eye on your pages’ performance, this app is an essential complement to your suite of analytical tools. It provides dozens of key indicators at-a-glance: total pageviews, average time spent on your site, where your visitors come from, how they found you, and percentage of repeat visits. As standalone apps go, this is about as in-depth as you can find. One of the neatest features is a very versatile comparison system, so you can overlay your traffic from different timeframes and compare various metrics, getting a better idea of what is working for you and your clients as you make incremental changes. It also allows you to correlate your SEO data with your business accounting software, so you can better measure the value of your marketing dollar. (Cost: free)

1. Raven Tools (iOS)

Raven and Google Analytics’ mobile apps are in a class by themselves; but Raven might be considered the luxury option of the two. The app is free, just like Google Analytics, but it’s useless without a paid account with Raven. The app covers many indicators that Analytics neglects, including a more robust analysis of social networking and better tools for measuring ROI. If you’re already a Raven user, don’t miss this one. If you’re considering signing up for Raven, this app won’t change your mind one way or the other, but it won’t disappoint either. (Cost: free)

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    SEO is a big term and managing it efficiently is a back-breaking task. The mobile apps mentioned in this post will surely manage the SEO campaign effectively. Thanks for sharing!

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    If you are looking for something for Android device you should install SEO SERP APP.
    It has google keyword tracker, useful statistics (like Google index, inbound links, backlinks, facebook shares, twitter shares, pinterest pins, and many more) and web health checker.


  3. jerralyn says:

    SEO really big help to promotes and improves the site in order to increase the visitors. We should consider SEO principles and best practices and these apps is really a great help in managing SEO. Thank you for sharing.

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