6 Tools Today’s Home Buyers Shouldn’t Live Without

Finding and buying a home is different than it once was. This is the age of technology, and it has affected the home purchasing process. Information about a home, neighborhood, and mortgage is now at the buyer’s fingertips in seconds. How do prospective home buyers access this information? There are a variety of helpful mobile applications (apps) that help accomplish this. We have made a list of ten tools today’s home buyers shouldn’t live without.

First, here are a couple of apps that help home buyers save for a new home.

Your Bank’s App

Start preparing for the purchasing process closest to home, where your money lives. Saving is most successful when it’s easy and effortless. Banking apps let their customers set up automatic deposits into savings, track spending, and check balances. Every person shopping for a home should download their bank’s app and use it to maximize their saving plans.


Need a little help with budgeting? The Mint app offers it up in an easy-to-use system with a 360 degree view of your financial world. Gain access to helpful saving tips, discern what you spend your money on, and design a budget all within this app. Sync your savings, checking, and retirement plan together to keep your eye on it all, and make savings more of a priority.

Once budgeting and saving have been mastered, home buyers can more confidently embark on the buyer’s journey. Some killer apps to assist in this are:

Realty Trac

Searching for the perfect home has never been easier than with Realty Trac. Use specific, buyer-generated criteria like price, zip code or square footage to narrow the search. Also get connected to homes in foreclosure that you may have otherwise not been privy to with regular real estate websites. You can also connect with a real estate agent directly on this site to request an appointment for properties that have potential.

Mortgage Mentor

Accurately figuring the cost of a home is key to maintaining a budget. Mortgage Mentor’s calculators help prospective home buyers figure out how much their monthly payments would be, review a chart of how much they will spend on the mortgage over the course of five years or more, and compare multiple mortgage options side-by-side. With its easy-to-navigate screens and sharp graphics, this app is a don’t miss for those trying to stick to a tight budget and get the most out of their purchasing dollars.

Loan Calculator Pro

Another app that offers a calculator, the Loan Calculator pro assists prospective home owners in paying off their mortgage early. Simulate how even a small amount paid extra every month would help pay your mortgage off years ahead of time. The large keypad is easy to use, and the app generates an amortization schedule that helps visualize the process.?


At one point, safety is bound to cross home buyers’ minds when searching for a home, especially on those pieces of property with a tempting, too-good-to-be-true price. This app helps ease the worry of choosing an unsafe neighborhood. It includes crime rates and sex offenders listings, as well as weather risks like tornados and earthquakes. A full picture is integral in choosing the best property, and this information is helpful accomplish that.

A variety of factors go into making a decision about purchasing a home, and it can overwhelm some prospective home buyers. These ten apps offer an easier, more streamlined way of finding the needed information to make the best choice. By narrowing down searches faster to the homes that fit your requirements, you won’t waste time looking at homes that end up not meeting your standards, or miss out on a home that would have been perfect. Start downloading these to your mobile device today, and see why they are ten tools home buyers shouldn’t live without!

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