Tips to Choosing Color for Creating an Effective Website

The first aspect when pondering over the design of a website are the choice of colors that one is going to place in the interface. Remember that the design and color schemes of your website should leave a lasting impression on mind of the visitor and make him want to browse your site and see your products or services. And a good impression helps you connect with your potential customers and thus make your web presence felt and help in promoting you online.

Selecting the right color palette is the first of the most important aspects of web design. Even a great design will lose its very purpose if used the wrong colors or colors that go well with your brand or product. For example, you can’t expect a coca cola site to be in greens or blues. Therefore choose the colors carefully and use the right colors to put your message across.

So, is there a fool proof way on how to choose the best colors for a website? Before you finalize the colors, here are a couple of questions that would helps you narrow down your choice of colors.


  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • What are your products or services?
  • Who are the potential visitors going to be?

Maybe, your website is targeting the local community or perhaps reaching out to the worldwide customers. Different colors have different values in different countries. For example, yellow is a sign of cowardice in US while white symbolizes mourning in China. Keep these little aspects in mind when designing and choosing the color of the websites. Bright vibrant colors will connect well with young people while sober colors will go well for the older generation, who might find the stronger color contrasts a bit garish. You also need to keep in mind the color of the text and the back ground so as to make for better readability. Your visitor will just click and move to another page if he is not able to read, especially those with visual impairments.Hence, don’t over look colors when it comes to designing a website. The human eye can see about 7,000,000 colors, so make best use of them to show your creativity and enhance your productivity.

Tips to keep in mind

Keep to the minimum as less is more and avoid using more than 4 colors.


The colors you choose should go well with your product and complement with each other


Avoid using very bright colors for bigger portions of the website.


If possible, use browser safe colors.


Keep the gender differences as well as age in mind when finalizing colors.


Make sure the text is readable on the colors you choose.


The colors for your site are as important as choosing other elements like the graphics and content. Colors are a great way to connect with people and communicate with them. Using the right colors can go a long way in creating a lasting and positive impression with your visitors. They are sure to come back and browse through the site again if you are successful in connecting with them.

Abdullah Mamun

Abdullah Mamun is a website designer who is working for Tampa Web Design for last 3 years. He loves to help fellow designers and business owners sharing his knowledge and experience. He offers website design services via

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