20 Photoshop Actions That You Must Have

Photoshop Actions are among the most useful Photoshop resources. Using the right action can actually help you save a lot of precious time. The actions are most commonly used by professional photographers for post processing their images. There are tones of quality Photoshop Actions available for free on the internet. For example you can apply actions to enhance your photos, by adjusting Color, Contrast, Saturation, and so on. Another type of Photoshop actions are those used for adding different frames and borders to your images.

The second category of users are of course the graphic designers. For them, there are different kinds of actions, that help them create graphic elements like: buttons, badges, icons, 3D effects, text effects and so on. Using the batch option, they can also save a lot of time and money, avoiding repetitive actions.

It is good to know that anyone can create actions in Photoshop, all you have to do is simply record all the moves you make. There are of course tips and tricks that you have to learn to create effective actions but all that experience comes with time. So in the meantime, I have gathered for you some of the most interesting Photoshop actions out there that you must try.

1. 3D Photoshop Action


2. Photo Frames Photoshop Action


3. Old Photo Effect


4. Stamp Generator


5. Photo Box Action


6. 3D Box Generator


7. 3D Wall Generator Action


8. Comics Photoshop action


9. Page Curl Photoshop Action


10. Polaroid Photoshop Action


11. Movie Effect


12. Magic 3D Photoshop Action


13. Wedding Theme Action


14. Frame Shadow Action


15. Soft Frame Action


16. Saturation Action Pack


17. Black and White Action


18. Glossy Button Maker


19. Action Diabolic


20. Photoshop Flag Generator



Daniel is a young freelance Graphic designer, very pasionate about so many design related areas. He is the co-owner of ShapesForPhotoshop.com, that is actually a new website aiming to become the biggest collection of custom shapes around the internet. You can contact Daniel trough his website or using his Facebook account.

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  1. John says:

    Great collection ! Thank you for featuring some of my Photoshop actions 🙂

  2. Chris Hayes says:

    I want that flag action. That’s a nice one John. Big time saver! Thanks!!

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