Use of Lighting in Photographs! 10 Useful Tutorials

Lighing is always an important part of photography. If you will use light to a good effect while taking photographs then it can add some more life to your snaps. While talking about lighting techniques I would say that I may not have that much expert in the lighting department. But I have a great sense of creativity for my photographs. If you are a photographer and you love your photographs then you can also understand what kind of lighting is good for your photographs. Well I collected some of the best and useful tutorials on lighting of photographs. I hope you will find it useful and it will helps you to add more life to your photogrpahs.

Beginner’s Guide to Shooting High Key


How to Perfectly Capture a Plate of Food With Spot Lighting

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Recreating a Professional Studio Lighting Effect

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How, When, and Why to Use a Polarizing Filter


Make Your Subject Stand Out With a Rim Lighting Effect


Shooting an Atmospheric Dark Alley Photograph

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Create a Vibrant Lighting Effect With Cross Polarization

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How to Use Flash With a Slow Shutter to Create Motion and Ghosts

Mastering the Art of Light Painting at Night

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An Introduction to Using Strobes in Your Photography

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  1. David says:

    Great post, the spot lighting on the plate of food is a particularly good. Working on various projects as a web designer i often deal with good and bad photography – it can make a very big difference between an impressive/professional website and an amateurish looking site.

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