Ways To Designing A WordPress Website


WordPress is the best content management system forever holding more security and reliability that any other content management system like Drupal or Joomla has. One can easily get success and sustain in the web development using wordpress. Let us see the important ways to make a successful wordpress website.

Choose A Domain

For choosing a domain, one need to see four key elements namely top-level, root,subdomain and subfolder. Top level domains are like .com, .gov, .edu etc., They represent different specialties as .gov represent the organizations etc., Root domains are something like identity and hence it should be unique and should consist of letters, number and hyphens. Some are paid domains and they are already registered domains and hence popularity will be more. Subdomain appears before the root domain and it is available free of cost. Subfolders are the one that appear after top level domain.

Choose A Hosting Package

It is very much necessary to see the hosting package details. First thing is whether host support wordpress and how many domains can be hosted in wordpress etc., Regarding the hosting package, one need to be careful in checking whether the company is the long running company and regarding the price comparative study will be helpful to figure out. Few specific wordpress specific providers are WP Engine, ZippyKid etc.,

Create A Database

A database is nothing but the location to store all wordpress data including posts, pages etc., Whenever a page loads, WordPress queries the database containing title, content, published data etc., Database should be password protected.

Install WordPress

This is the general installation procedure while creating an account. Beware of hackers and hence account should not have user name. Then one can login into the admin panel.

Choose A Theme

Themes are developed from web site designer’s imagination. Tailored designs are available for design, food related web designs. Certain criteria like elegant design,

Valid HTML and CSS, Compatibility towards recent versions and plugins of wordpress and extensive support are the factors to be considered. Moreover customization should be there for every theme that is getting planned. Customer’s interest should be the highest themes for any business. StudioPress is one of the place to buy a wordpress theme.

Configure The Basics

WordPress builtin Akismet need to be enabled first in order to detect spam comments. Sometimes disabling comments help the website developers to complete their work first. Permalinks configuration will favor for search engine-friendly. A Gravatar is a special image linked to the email address. This will load the image whenever email address is published in a Gravatar-enabled location.

Secure WordPress

Security should be the main theme for any wordpress and different mechanisme need to be played in maintaining the security. One need to be cautious that hackers are also trying many techniques to exploit the website.

Keep WordPress up to date

One need to have database table’s prefix unique and from website header, wordpress version need to be removed. By adopting the above methods, one can escape from hackers. Last but not the least file permissions namely 644 for files and 755 for directories should be there to have wordpress more secure and up to date.


Above said are the successful criteria for creating a wordpress website. Apart from that using wordpress plugins, optimization of pages according to SEO, caching are the important mechanisms for a successful wordpress site. Let one be master in all the aspects to get success.

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