130 Fresh And Useful Articles For Freelance Designers

Its been a long time since I haven’t been created a nice round up from the design community for the readers of Stylish Web Designer readers. This post is a nice round up of posts from the design community for the freelancer. If you wish to send us your links then you can send us via design news submission form in the sidebar.

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  1. 35+ jQuery Slideshow and Gallery Tutorials, Plugins and Premium Slideshow Plugins

  2. 35+ Exciting Club Party Flyers Design

  3. An Introduction into the Screen Fonts

  4. Showcase of Big, Bold and Beautiful Call to Action Buttons

  5. The Art of the Facebook Page Design

  6. 45 Deadly Combination of Photo-Manipulation Art

  7. 25 Crazy Effects Using Photoshop

  8. 7 Form Frameworks To Help Manage Your Forms Easily

  9. Awesome Example Of Typography In Web Design

  10. 40 Fresh Alcohol Package Designs

  11. Free Fonts: 50+ Remarkable Fonts For Designer

  12. Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile Usability

  13. 200+ Best Apple iPad HD Wallpapers

  14. 50 Good Looking Corporate Sites Using WordPress

  15. 40 Best WordPress Site Design for Design Inspiration

  16. The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

  17. 11 Awesome Stock Image Website

  18. 70 Nike and Adidas Advertisements and Poster

  19. Full Joomla 1.6 Review

  20. 100 Creative Free 3D Fonts for Designers

  21. Useful HTML5 Sketching Tools for Designers

  22. HTML5 News: Tutorials, Tools, Resources and Freebies

  23. 50 Fantastic Examples Of Photo Manipulation Art

  24. CSS3 Tools For Your Next Web Development

  25. HTML5 News and Inspirations – Tutorials, Tools, Resources and Freebies

  26. 25+ Stunning & Creative Photoshop Editing Examples

  27. WordPress 3.1: Ultimate Guide to New Features

  28. 30 High Quality Charts And Graphs For Webdevelopers To Download

  29. 50 Most Wanted FireFox Extentions For Web Geeks

  30. 12 Tutorials to Build your own WordPress Theme Option Page

  31. 25 Fantabulous Examples Of Kinetic Typography

  32. 55 jQuery Navigation and Menu Plugins

  33. How to Make 3D Text Effect in 3D Max

  34. 25 Excellent ASP.NET Tutorials To Make You A Better Developer

  35. How I Became a Freelance Web Designer… Part Two

  36. Create a Crystallized Water Girl Figure with Disintegration Effect in Photoshop

  37. 20 Fresh jQuery Image Gallery/Slider Plugins and Tutorials Worth a Look

  38. The Pros And Cons Of CSS Resets

  39. How to Juggle Multiple Projects and Clients Without Going Crazy

  40. Handle No GET Parameters With PHP – 404 Pages

  41. jQuery and CSS Single Page Portfolio, a Vertical Parallax Navigation Experiment

  42. 33 Tips For Beginner Designers. Do’s And Don’ts

  43. 10 Extremely Useful Free Sans-Serif Fonts

  44. 30+ Awesome Adobe After Effects Tutorials

  45. Animated Fullscreen Background Image Slideshow using jQuery

  46. 11 Web Design Teach From Experts

  47. 20 Free Most Useful Photoshop Files to Inspire Designers

  48. 10 Iconic Fonts and Why You Should Never Use Them

  49. Huge Collection of Professional PSD Logos

  50. What You Need to Know About Freelance Invoicing and Accounting

  51. Useful Wireframe Resources for Designers

  52. 15 Useful Gmail Labs To Revolutionize Your Gmail Experience

  53. Best Free PSD Website Templates Of February 2011

  54. 25 Smashing Billboard Designs

  55. 85+ Photo Manipulation Designs Inspiration That You Have Never Seen Before!

  56. Why Wait For The Opportunity? Create Your Own!

  57. Creating Good Enough to Eat Typography

  58. How to Get Started in Developing Websites

  59. Massive List Of Useful WordPress Shortcodes Resources

  60. 25 Plastic Business Cards for Design Inspiration

  61. Convert Your Product Landing Page From PSD to HTML [Very Detailed]

  62. Do You REALLY Think You have a Logo?

  63. Best free Google Adsense Plugins for WordPress

  64. Want To Work From Home? Top Freelancing Jobs in Web Design

  65. 25 Inspirational Creative Packaging Designs

  66. Free Textures Packs To Spice Up Your Designs

  67. Original and Beautiful Under Construction CSS Templates

  68. How to Display Related Posts in WordPress Without a Plugin

  69. 45 Fresh Alcoholic Drinks Package Designs

  70. How to create a Progress bar with HTML5 Canvas

  71. What Makes Drupal 7 a Best Version?

  72. Learning to Love HTML5

  73. 8 Best HTML5 Ebooks Every Web Designer Should Learn

  74. Create a cool Travel Agency layout – CSS/HTML available

  75. Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

  76. The 4 Essentials For An Ecommerce Site

  77. Digital Painting Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

  78. 10 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Web Designer

  79. 3 Sure Shot Tips To Get More Freelance Work

  80. 10 Useful HTML5 Website Templates For Free Download

  81. 400+ High-Quality Free Clouds Photoshop Brushes

  82. 15 Awesome Thick Business Cards with Edge Painting

  83. Create an Awesome Space Age Composition

  84. Sky Blue White Pearls Icons Social Media Logos

  85. 31 Clean and Usable Icon Packs

  86. 40 Creative Coming Soon Pages & WordPress Themes

  87. 10 Free E-books for Web Designers,Developers and Freelancers-Part 1

  88. 6 Thing To Do With Your Web Project For Success

  89. Logo Design Proposal Template for Download

  90. 30 Super Innovative Print Ad Campaigns

  91. Fresh new February Photoshop Tutorials

  92. 11 Tips for Freelancers to get Paid on Time

  93. Six Elements to Consider when Designing a Movie Poster

  94. Download List of Free CSS Templates with PSD Source

  95. Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Beautiful Surreal Night Photo Manipulation

  96. 9 Tips for Encouraging Others to Link to Your Blog

  97. 21 Creative Card Designs for Inspiration

  98. How to Delete your Facebook or other Sites Account and How to Get it Back

  99. Create a Reflection in a Broken Mirror for Seven Years of Photoshop Good Luck

  100. Feeling Fergie Free WordPress Theme

  101. 35 Must See Examples of Websites Using HTML5

  102. 50 Awesome Vexel Artworks For Inspiration

  103. 15 WordPress Code Snippets/Hacks to Use

  104. Amazing Examples Of Sports Panning Photography

  105. 44 Inspirational Surreal Photo Manipulations

  106. 22 Inspiring Invitation Ideas and Solutions

  107. 15 Awesome Typography Examples

  108. 60 Brilliant Tutorials for Designing Icons

  109. 10 Must Have Mozilla Firefox Add-ons For CSS Developers

  110. 14 Best Sites For Beginners To Learn JavaScript Language

  111. 38 Digital Dazzling Advertisement Examples

  112. 54 Remarkable Floral Designs by great artists

  113. 32 Jaw Breaking Photoshop Illustrations

  114. Why You Should Choose Cloud Hosting for Your New Site

  115. 20 Photo Editing Tutorials for Photoshop

  116. 26 Amazing Cold War Vintage Home Front Posters!

  117. Theater Poster Design Inspiration

  118. 10 Steps for Launching a Killer Web Design Blog

  119. 50 More Beautifully Designed Tumblr Themes

  120. 6 Seamless Green Retro Patterns

  121. 6 Tips for Tri Fold Brochure Design

  122. 20 New Useful Time-savers for Web Designers

  123. Advice for Dealing with Design Clients

  124. Freelancer Time Management and Why Time Tracking Sucks

  125. Things to Consider When Creating Your Start Up

  126. How I Became a Freelance Web Designer

  127. How To Start Your Career As A Freelancer

  128. Traffic Methods to your Design or Freelance site

  129. 25 Amazing Freelance Designer Portfolios

  130. How to get into business of part time freelancing

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