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A casino site tends to follow the same kind of layouts and styles as any ordinary webpage albeit with a stronger focus on encouraging people to sign up.

If you’ve never experienced a casino site then the first thing you’ll notice is that each website has their own unique approach to style and design. This is because they have to try and encourage more visitors than their competition.

On these sites the bonuses are usually the attention grabbers. There are tons of them from deposit bonuses to free cash for signing up and although they are similar in terms of what they contain i.e. a percentage on top of deposits or free cash.

Some sites can be quite flexible with their approach to design as they’ll mix in some seasonal themes at certain times of the year. Some might show their bonuses floating in beautiful Christmas baubles or pumpkins if it’s Halloween to create a fun and friendly theme on the website and to encourage you to sign up.


It creates a warm personal touch to the site that you wouldn’t normally expect. Also since the most important thing for these sites is to stand out from the crowd a lot of them take to creating attention grabbing banners, flashing GIFS or images and a massive reduction in jargon to make things simple for their players and to encourage you to join.


If you want to see it for yourself then a great example to use would be

Although mainly used as a review site it mixes together a ton of unique imagery and flashing banners that encourages you to look all over the page as well as bolded important words in the various descriptions so you can get key information straight away.


So if you’re ever stuck for design inspiration then we recommend checking out a few casino sites as you’re guaranteed to come up with a few ideas from them.

Loveish Kalsi

Loveish Kalsi is a freelance Web and Graphic Designer from India. He is the owner of famous design blog

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