3 Reasons to Allow Your Customers to Build a Wish List on Your Website

If you have a business and sell products online, it makes sense to allow buyers to fill their wish list in the same way they fill their online shopping cart.  This proactive measure is not only convenient for your customers, it can support your bottom line.  By providing this convenience, customers are more likely to return to purchase the items stored on their wish lists than if they had to search for them all over again.

Keep Them Coming Back

Creating the wish list platform is an effective way to invite customers to return to your website to make a future purchase.  In fact, the mere act of clicking on an item and sending it to the wish list stored on your site reinforces that item in their mind.  In other words, they’re more likely to remember they added it to their wish list than if they merely came across it, liked it, but knew they couldn’t purchase the item at that time.

Remember, this wish list is also important for you as the business owner.  Be sure to track which items wind up on those wish lists.  While you naturally track sales, you can also track the items people wish for.  If you notice that several of the same items are landing on many wish lists, you might decide to run a special to provide that added nudge.  Perhaps just a few dollars off will be enough to move that merchandise from wish to actual purchase. Retail sales software can help you manage your lists and to employ the best features for your business.

Customers Will Share the Experience

When customers create a wish list, they may be more apt to share their list with others.  They may invite a spouse or friend to take a look at their list in order to solicit opinions.  They may be adding items to their wish list for others and want to share those items with intended gift recipients, for instance.  Once they understand how convenient a wish list can be when it comes to holiday shopping, for instance, they may tell their family and friends to create their own convenient wish lists for themselves and their family members too.

Lays the Groundwork for Purchase

Finally, once a customer makes their list, they are more likely than otherwise to return to make one or several purchases.  Some people like to shop around before making a purchase.  The wish list makes it easier for them to keep certain items on hand–items they might want to add to their cart sooner or later.  You make it easy for them to revisit their wish list and to move items from there to their actual shopping cart for purchase.

The wish list is a great feature retailers can employ to enhance their customers’ shopping experience.  Its benefits are measurable, moreover.  You can track how many wish list items are actually eventual sales.  In any case, this type of customer care will find its reward once your customers begin to use their lists like the great shopping tool they are!

Jack Bishop researches the customer experience online. He frequently writes about integrating the modern customer into innovative business technologies.

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    I am currently planning on launching an online store for baby products and I just love the ideas presented on this article. All points were delivered clearly. Simple yet very clear.

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